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The Sims
Mexico 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What kind of witness are we....

My sweet little Kenzie can definitely surprise me sometimes. She is showing me that we need to be a witness to everyone that we come into contact with. This afternoon on the way home from church, we were talking about having to work on Sundays. By the way, its ok for her Daddy to have to work on Sundays, but Mommy is not allowed to work on Sundays, per Kenzie. I asked her fi she would be sad if I had to work on Sundays and she replied "Yes". I asked her why, and was wondering what her answer may be...thinking she would say that she just needs me at home, because she loves me so much (she says that alot). But her answer was "if I had to work, she wouldn't be able to go to church and then she wouldn't of been able to ask Jesus into her heart." The conversation went on a little more and she tells me about the little girl that comes over everyday after school. She as matter of factly tells me "Mommy did you know that Christy has never been to church before? That's sad, Mommy." I told her that she could be a witness to Christy and tell her about Jesus. Kenzie said that she tells her that "she needs to come to church and let Jesus be part of her life, and that the devil is evil and wants you to do bad things."

What an example she is being

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Time 2010

Ok, so December is ALWAYS a crazy month for us. Seems like every weekend, we have more than 1 thing to do. If I was a good blogger, I would have pictures on here. But I am doing good to even get writing on here.

So the first weekend of December, we had 2 parades. We had the Molino Christmas parade. Kenzie and I rode on the children's ministry for church float. Of course my little Miss Grown up too fast was on the youth one.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Disney Trip

Ok, so I couldn't resist this picture, Kenzie loves sleeping beauty and since we had just came back from Disney, we decided that she would dress up as her for Halloween. This picture isn't from Disney~~but she is just so pretty in it.

Lindsey was sooo happy to meet Pluto. This was on the first day, right before dinner.

A little Princess, with a big Princess.

Not long after we arrived at the park, we got this picture with the castle in the background. Dreams really do come true in Disney, there is just so much magic throughout all the parks.

What a pretty smile!!!
I don't think that she wanted everyone to know (pre-teen) but she did have a
good time.

Check out little Miss Hollywood.

Ok, so most everyone knows that all the Sims Family takes lots of trips together. So this past year I came up with the great idea that we need to take a trip to visit Mickey Mouse. (yes, this idea came while we were building the house) We took this in the lobby of resort. We were about to head to the park for the first time. I really don't know who was more excited, me or the kids? I love the look on Will Pate's face. Kenzie was ready to meet the princesses. The fun began that morning and didn't stop for the next 7 days. Hopefully I will be getting more pictures and stories on from the trip.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Our life update..

Well everyone can tell that I haven't been updating my blog, like a good little blogger. Well 2010 has been a very very busy year. In February we started building our house. God has blessed with the ability to finally build a house. Frankly, we were outgrowing our current place way to quick. Everyone will have thier own space. Hopefully we will be able to move in by the end of the summer. I promise that I will post pictures soon.

School has ended for Bizzy and Kenzie. Lulu will be finishing up this week. Kenzie graduated from Kindergarten. So now my little baby is a 1st grader. Boy does the time fly by quickly. Bizzy graduated 5th grade and that was so emotional more for me than her. She actually went on her first youth evasion this past Sunday night. I have some wonderful memories from my youth group at church when I was growing up. You truly do make friends for life there.

Lindsey is finishing up the 6th grade and looking forward to a summer off to relax before starting 7th grade. Seems like just yesterday I was taking her to the first day of 4 yr kindergarten. Before we know it, they will be in college.

Well since life is slowing down some, maybe I will be able to post and put pictures up of the house and all the end of the school year activities. Summer is here and I am ready for some days at the pool and the beach. Hopefully the oil won't destroy it too much.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Forever Friends

These are the "Three Amigos". We were able to attend a Casting Crowns concert on Friday. It was an AWESOME way to start off spring break. Casting Crowns, Kutless and Caleb were at Olive Bapt Church. Each group was great!! I really enjoyed Casting Crowns, they sang some really great songs.
I am soo greatful that Elizabeth has these wonderful girls in her life. Every girl needs friends that she can confide in and these are Bizzy's. I beleive that they will be friends forever. I have also become great friends with their moms. Thank you God for bringing them all into our lives.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Little Artist

The Proud Artist
What an AWESOME snowman!!!
Every Year, Elizabeth ends up having some of her artwork displayed somewhere. One year it could be at the Fair and then the next it could be at the Pensacola Museum of Art. For her final year of elementary school, it was the museum of Art. One Friday night, Bizzy-Kenzie and I braved the rain and spent the evening looking at artwork displayed by the Esc. Co. students. There was artwork displayed from elementary, middle and high school. You would not believe the talent that some of these students have. I am truly amazed, especially with the older ones.
This year, Mr. Brabham, the art teacher--picked a snowman that Elizabeth had drawn. I don't know why she picked to draw a snowman. The poor child has never even seen real snow, much less made a real snow man.
My child has many talents, where she has recieved them from is beyond me. I just hope that she uses them to the best of her ability. I can say that when Elizabeth puts her mind to something, it will be accomplished.
Now I am not the museum visiting type, but I will spend every Friday night in one if it displays my little girls work. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wild Aninals Watch OUT!!!

Mommy & Kenzie

Taylor getting a little kiss!!!

Kenzie before all the animals come up to the van!!!

Well today, we braved the cold and went on a Safari. We all 15 loaded up into the zebra van and then the adventure started!!! Well as soon as you go through the gate, the animals are standing there waiting for you. It is so funny that the animals know that when the vans come through that they are going to get some food.

Well there were all kinds of animals: big ones, small ones, cute ones, ugly ones. I think that if Chad would of had a gun, that some of those animals would be dead!!! That would be the closest way that he ever comes close to killing a great big elk.

Then the adventure began. With Jason behind the wheel of the van. This was really funny, Kenzie was all about going, but once those animals came up to the van windows that was the end for her. She did NOT like the huge animals, all she wanted to feed were the baby ones.

Bizzy and Lindsey were all about the animals, I myself even fed the animals. I did scream a few times. You would too, once you saw some of those animals tongues coming through the windows at you.

All in all we had a great time. We were all freezing cold. Did I forget to mention, that I totally did not pack the right clothes for the cold weather up here.

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